Who we are

OpenTeam is a social enterprise that was born at COP20 in Lima in December 2014, with the aim to support the rise of social entrepreneurship as:

  • a new economic system,
  • a way to solving worldwide social issues, in particular climate change.


We believe that climate change is an opportunity for building solutions for a more sustainable world, for impulsing a new economic system based on sustainable development. Governments and intergovernmental agencies have been working for decades on policy making, and today we need concrete actions in support of policy making.

We need to connect the dots between all stakeholders who have a role to play in this collective challenge.

A real game changer is the rise of digital solutions to increase collaboration between these stakeholders. This is what inspired Open Team to start its actions by developing a tech-for-good program with the “O” platform in 2016.

Convinced that digital solutions are a support to human interactions, we then built our social entrepreneurship program “ScaleSchool” in 2017.