[heading title=”Why a membership ?” fontclass=”fa-star”]

In 2017, we have started to create a community of supporters around the project. We wish to give the chance our supporters to become members and contribute to our programs.

We aim at creating a community of 200 members by summer 2018. This will enable us to be recognized as a public interest organization.

[heading title=”An opportunity to get involved” fontclass=”fa-star”]

Members can contribute to the development of Open Team by bringing in some of their time and connections.

Learn more about the ScaleSchool program and how to get involved.

[heading title=”What you will get” fontclass=”fa-star”]

By subscribing to a membership, you are taking part in a thrilling journey to contribute solving climate chance in innovative ways!

You will be invited to join our ScaleSchool events and get chances to meet the social entrepreneurs located closest to you.

You will also receive a monthly newsletter with :

  • News of Open Team projects
  • Presentation of 3 inspiring initiatives
  • News about sustainable development in the world
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