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Are you sensitive to what you consume?

Do you feel that the planet is sick? that our system is falling apart ?

You want to contribute to a “Global Change” through action, but do not necessarily know how to do it?

Bring Your Energy! Join Open Team!

About Open Team

Open Team is a non-profit organization created early 2015 following the 20th annual UN Climate Conference (COP20) in Peru. The team of co-founders became aware of the effects of global warming and how governments are trying to coordinate their efforts to mitigate the devastating consequences on our environment.

We were shocked to note the gap between the facts reported by the scientists presented in this closed loop of negotiators, and the limited understanding of the public opinion on this issue, which threatens the very survival of our civilization in a horizon of a century.

The Open Team wanted to respond to these challenges by creating an accelerator, the Scale School, with the goal to replicate large-scale social and environmental solutions on a large scale.

The Scale School Accelerator

Thanks to the Scale School, entrepreneurs who have implemented innovative and mature solutions can pass on their know-how at large scale to emerging entrepreneurs who can be more efficient in replicating a proven solution.

The Accelerator and the team are based in Paris. We target projects in developing countries. The first project supported is called Spiral Farm House, located in Nepal and founded five years ago by Sudarshan Chaudhary. This young entrepreneur came back to the farm of his parents after his masters degree in Kathmandu. His vision led him to turn the traditional farm into an organic farm, with the principles of biodynamics, to regenerate agricultural land damaged by fertilizers, bring food security to his village and train many young people and women on his techniques.

Through our acceleration program, the aim is to create a large network of hundreds of micro organic farms, organized into a national cooperative, which will distribute its production to Kathmandu and other cities in the country.

The projects we met from the beginning of our adventure led us to develop a particular focus on the following themes:

  • reforestation,
  • agroforestry,
  • responsible consumption,
  • food security,
  • education,
  • gender equality,
  • renewable energies,
  • respect for indigenous cultures…

.. all of which are very interconnected topics.

Get Involved

What your involvement at Open Team can bring you

  1. The opportunity to support the causes that matter to you and join a network of people who share the same purpose in life
  2. Develop personally, acquire new skills, professional contacts (eg our partner companies) and visibility through our media
  3. Better understand the issues of socio-economic and environmental development of our world, discover social, environmental or technological innovations, learn about new cultures and civilizations.

We will make sure that the topics you are working on correspond to the reasons for which you will be involved.

The Team

We are an intergenerational team, young in spirit, working a lot remotely and in an English-speaking environment. By joining the project, you will meet beautiful people, deeply human, showing respect and open-mindedness. Whether you are based in Paris or elsewhere, you can join our team.


If you wish to apply to one of the opportunities below, please fill contact us at join@openteam.co by indicating the target position in the subject of your email. We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Community & content manager

What will be your missions? Your mission is to spread Open Team's mission on social networks and develop...

WordPress webmaster

What will be your missions? Your mission is to make the Open Team site the best possible showcase...

Fund raiser (commission based)

What will be your missions?Today, we are launching an active fundraising process (grants, calls for projects, public contracts, family office ...) to...

Digital & inbound marketing

What will be your missions? Your mission will be to value the work that we are doing on the...