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We promote academic research in international studies. The research teams are composed of academics, staff from international organisations and NGOs.

SNIS International Geneva Award 2019

The International Geneva Award (IG Award) was established to encourage outstanding research scientists to produce publications that are particularly relevant for International Organizations (IOs).  This year’s recipients are Gaétan de Rassenfosse for the article “Are foreigners equally treated under TRIPS ?”; Anna Carratalà for the article “Population density and water balance influence the global occurrence of hepatitis E epidemics”; and Klaus Dingwerth et al.  for their article “The rise of democratic legitimation: why international organisations speak the language of democracy”. Special Mentions go to Vincent Moreau et al. for their article “The emission benefits of European integration” and to Timothy Julian et al. for their article “Safely managed hygiene : A risk-based assesment of handwashing water quality”. For interviews with 2018 IG Award winners, Kurt Pärli and Frank Schimmelfennig, tune in here and here.

SNIS Award is Open for Submissions

Every year, the SNIS Award is granted for the bet PhD thesis received in a Swiss University on a subject related to international Studies.

The SNIS considers that international studies deal not only with the analysis of international relations, but also with political, economic, social, environmental, legal, and health issues that extend beyond national boundaries. Submitted PhD theses can deal with a wide range of of academic disciplines, such as political science, economics, sociology, social and cultural anthropology, law, history, geography and environmental sciences.

The amount that will be awarded by the SNIS is CHF 10’000.

Submit your thesis here

Civil War and State Formation – Results

The SNIS – funded project Civil War and State Formation has published it’s working paper. Read all about it here.


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