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What will be your missions?

Your mission is to make the Open Team site the best possible showcase of our project. For this, you will need:

  • Redefine collection of user needs
  • Development of a model: tree structure, access modes, databases, navigation, search engine, ergonomics …
  • Inventory and structuring of content on the site
  • Management of domain names and SEO of the site with directories and search engines
  • Identification of contents, collection of information and documents of contributors
  • Realization of templates, style sheets, and provision for contributors (editors) of the site
  • Validate content in compliance with the organization’s editorial charter and communication policy
  • Organization and verification of access to information and documents (tracking links …)
  • Animate Network: assistance, training, rights management

What are the required technical skills?

  • Care, method, organization and rigor
  • Excellent command of office tools (Office Pack: Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and Internet browsing
  • Efficient in writing and spelling
  • Autonomy and strength of proposal
  • SEO knowledge

What are the required human skills?

  • Good with contacts, open minded
  • Know-how and love for working in a team
  • Good at listening and good with oral and written expression
  • Interest for the community (for example: volunteer experience welcome)

Volunteering start date : As soon as possible

Target availability: A few hours per week

Contact: join@openteam.co

Download the volunteering opportunity in pdf

Sokha Hin
Sokha Hin is cofounder of OpenTeam. Engaged into creating a more sustainable economy. 10+ years track in innovation and digital startup environment. Discovered the so little-known reality of climate change at COP20, in Lima, Peru, Dec 2014. Engaged as a consequence into raising awarness of citizens worldwide and empowering citizens into concrete action through digital tools and spreading social entrepreneurship. The World can evolve only by providing a collective reponse, up to the stake of climate change.


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