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Innovation and transdisciplinarity take center stage

At the presentations from the Center’s research programs, the power of innovation and transdisciplinarity to create change in food systems was on display.

In the session Nutritious, Safe and Sustainable Food for All, Leandro Buchmann presented on New sustainable food formulations based on algae proteins; Dr. Anna Greppi presented on the Application of Lactobacillus reuteri to naturally prevent Campylobacter colonization of chicken; and Rafaela Feola Conz presented on Towards nutritional security through organic management of soil fertility in orange-fleshed sweetpotato systems in Mozambique.

The session on Healthy Soils, Improved Livelihoods followed with Josep Ramoneda presenting Microbial services for an environmentally and economically sustainable rooibos tea production and Ben Wilde presenting Nitrified urine fertilizer: A transdisciplinary approach to solutions- oriented community development.

Systems networking

The main hall outside the auditorium came alive with discussion at the networking poster session showcasing 50 posters on food system research and Center initiatives. Participants took the opportunity to interact directly with researchers, making connections and sharing knowledge.

Many of the posters can be downloaded here
All the abstracts can be found in the Symposium Proceedings (PDF, 1013 KB)

The audience selected two poster awards: the Best Overall Poster Prize, a 1000 CHF prize for research addressing any food system challenge, and the Mercator Prize, a 1000 CHF prize for research on the role of organic production systems in addressing food security. Prize money is to be used for a research, education, or outreach activity.

Best Overall Poster Prize: Consumer’s knowledge gain through a cross-​categorical environmental food label by Marius Dihr, Michael Siegrist and Bernadette Sütterlin. Download Poster (PDF, 1000 KB)

The Mercator Poster Prize: Why are there regional differences in the uptake of organic farming? by Marc Chautems, Robert Finger and Robert Huber. Download Poster (PDF, 1016 KB)

We congratulate this year’s winners, and we thank all presenters and contributors for making this networking event such a success!

ArtScience lights the night

Knowledge transfer between artists and scientists does not have to be all about knowledge itself, but about sharing the process- the scientific process and the creative process. Our ArtScience exhibit in the Clock Hall showed off work relating to food systems from several scientists/artists.

Thanks to all that attended. We hope you shared, nerworked, and had a nice time!


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