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Published on 29 May 2019
Author: Véronique Sordet, National Contact Point ERC

ERC Advanced Grants support ground-breaking, ambitious research projects of excellent established Principal Investigators with a recognised track record of research achievements. Up to €2.5 million (in certain circumstances up to €3.5 million) are available for projects of up to 5 years duration.

The call will close on 29 August 2019.

Important information on the call is included in the ERC Work Programme 2019 and especially the call-specific Information for Applicants, that will be available soon. The mandatory templates are available on the Participant Portal after registration for the call.

Sokha Hin
Sokha Hin is cofounder of OpenTeam. Engaged into creating a more sustainable economy. 10+ years track in innovation and digital startup environment. Discovered the so little-known reality of climate change at COP20, in Lima, Peru, Dec 2014. Engaged as a consequence into raising awarness of citizens worldwide and empowering citizens into concrete action through digital tools and spreading social entrepreneurship. The World can evolve only by providing a collective reponse, up to the stake of climate change.


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