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As residents are advised to keep windows closed we want to hear from UK readers about measures to tackle poor air quality

Aerial view towards south London through poor air

Aerial view towards south London through poor air
Photograph: Andrew Holt/Getty Images

Residents of a newly approved south London housing development will live in an area where illegal levels of air pollution are so bad they will be told to keep their windows closed.

Nitrogen dioxide levels in Lewisham far exceed allowed limits, but the majority of urban areas in the UK have also been at excessive levels since 2010. The UK has been taken to Europe’s highest court three times over air pollution, and lost each time.

The government’s plan to tackle air pollution has been condemned as being “woefully inadequate” by doctors and campaigners: we want to find out from people in the UK about any measures they have taken or been given to keep themselves safer.

Share your experiences

Has your local council or housing developer told you to take any steps to keep yourself safe from high levels of air pollution? Whether you’ve been told to keep your windows shut; to enter your home through a separate entrance; plant trees or anything else that we may not have thought of, get in touch below. We’re also interested in whether these measures have been helpful or have had any unintended impacts.

Share your experiences in the form below giving as much detail as you can including information about where in the UK you live – a journalist may contact you to discuss further and we will feature some of your contributions as part of our reporting.

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