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Open Calls

Climate, Environment and Health

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The Belmont Forum in collaboration with Future Earth, announces a new collaborative research action for transdisciplinary research which will improve understanding of the pathways between climate, environment and health to protect and promote human health and well-being in the face of climate challenges.

Multilateral, inter- and transdisciplinary research projects will investigate where significant uncertainties exist that are barriers to action; address complex climate, ecosystem and health pathways to determine processes underlying causal links; and foster the use of scientific information and climate-related decision support tools to better inform planning and enhance resilience.

  • Deadline for Expression of Interest: 06 May 2019, 16:00 GMT
  • Deadline for full proposals:             23 July 2019, 16:00 GMT

Call Documents

Disaster Risk, Reduction and Resilience

The Disaster Risk, Reduction and Resilience (DR3) call responds to the growing need for assessment and reduction of disaster risk, collaborative co-design of resilience strategies with a breadth of stakeholders, and scientifically and technologically enhanced responses to disasters.  In the context of this call, disasters are framed as extreme environmental events that negatively impact coupled human-natural systems.  The generation of these events may have natural and/or anthropogenic causes.

Each project team must consist of, at a minimum, natural scientists, social scientists and humanities, and stakeholders.  They must also be eligible for support from a minimum of 3 funders providing resources for DR3.  Specific questions about support or themes can be addressed to program contacts within the organizational annexes.

Call Documents

Resilience in Rapidly Changing Arctic Systems

The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a second Collaborative Research Action focused on Arctic region. The title of this international funding opportunity is Resilience in a Rapidly Changing Arctic. The call aims at bringing together researchers and other expertise across the globe to develop proposals from integrated teams of scientists and stakeholders to address key areas of arctic resilience understanding and action. This collaboration of academic and non-academic knowledge systems constitutes a transdisciplinary approach that will advance not only understanding of the fundamentals of arctic resilience but also spur action, inform decision-making, and translate into solutions for resilience.

Deadline for proposals is on 14 June 2019.

Details of the call and the application process are provided via the application portal There are also training modules available for proposers on the Belmont Forum YouTube channel. Before starting to prepare proposals, applicants are advised to contact their funding organisation(s) as listed in the annex documents for the call.

Call Documents

Open Positions

Deputy Director,  Belmont Forum International Secretariat

The Belmont Forum is seeking to fill the position of Deputy Director within its International Secretariat.  This is a full-time position based in Montevideo, Uruguay at the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) Offices.  Remote working arrangements will be considered, provided a strong case is made that an alternative location would bring greater added benefit to the Belmont Forum with suitable organizational or institutional support in place.

The Deputy Director will work alongside the Executive Director in implementing the decisions from the Belmont Forum Plenary.  The Deputy Director’s primary role will be working closely with the members ensuring that the growing membership remains connected to Belmont Forum activities and opportunities through transparent and efficient communication, and timely preparation of the annual Plenary meeting.  The Deputy Director will also work with member organizations to keep all necessary member and financial agreements up to date.  The Deputy Director will be supported by the IAI accounting staff to provide clear financial reporting to members as required and be the main point of contact regarding purchasing and contracting, such as for event costs and branding materials.

As the Belmont Forum celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year, it is important to valorize the transdisciplinary research the Forum has funded to date. The Deputy Director will be in charge of jointly developing and implementing activities to determine and demonstrate the added value of active Belmont Forum projects, build cross-thematic synthesis, and elicit lessons learned to improve future efforts. These activities will be conducted in collaboration with other members of the Secretariat, contracted organizations, thematic call program staff, and Belmont Forum members and partners.

The Deputy Director will be expected to engage in international travel on behalf of the Belmont Forum. Travel may include but is not limited to valorization activities, scoping meetings, Steering Committee meetings, and Belmont Forum-relevant workshops.  Attendance at the annual plenary meeting is mandatory.  The Deputy Director will also participate in weekly scheduled video/teleconferences of the Secretariat.

The working language of the Belmont Forum Secretariat and activities is English.  It is expected that the Deputy Director will be proficient in English. Competency in additional languages is desirable but not essential. The successful candidate should have experience working in international relations, protocol, and intergovernmental scientific organizations. Furthermore management and coordination of multi-national and multi-disciplinary research activities and qualification in discipline related to global environmental change would be an asset.   Prospective candidates should have proficiency in Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and video/teleconferencing technologies.

The Deputy Director is appointed on a 3-year term, with the potential for renewal for another 3 years.  After two 3-year terms, the Deputy Director position would undergo a new international search.  The previous Deputy Director can be rehired if deemed the best candidate from the international search.

The Deputy Director will be line managed by the Executive Director and accountable to the Steering Committee led by the Co-Chairs.  The Deputy Director will have an annual evaluation with the Executive Director and a term evaluation with the Steering Commitee at the end of the first year, and every 3 years.

If located in Montevideo, the Deputy Director will be eligible for the same benefits allocated to the Executive Director, including matching retirement contributions, international health insurance, subsidies of life insurance and school for minor children, dependent and housing allowance, relocation costs and, annual leave and a return ticket for a home visit after two years employ.  Benefits for candidates wishing to work remotely will be negotiated at the offer stage.  Salary will be at an international standard for this experience level, payable in USD.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter of no more than 2-4 pages detailing their interest and experience related to the position.  They should also include their CV of no more than 3-4 pages and a list of 3 professional references with contact details.  All materials should be either Microsoft Word or PDF documents.  The application packet should be submitted by e-mail to .   The deadline for applications is 23:59 UTC on 1 May 2019. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.  Selected eligible candidates will be invited for interview via videoconference with the selection committee.

Final selection is expected in June 2019, with the Deputy Director assuming their role within 3 months of selection.

Opportunities Under Review

Transdisciplinary Research for Ocean Sustainability

Oct. 29, 2018 – This CRA call aims to contribute to the overall challenge of ocean sustainability, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14 (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development) as the overall framework.

This call encourages global partnerships of academics and non-academics to address one or more of the following topics:

  • Pathways toward a sustainable and equitable use of oceans
  • Accounting for and minimizing impacts of global change

This call aims to support medium-size research projects with a direction of three to four years, with a recommended budget of up to €1.5 million. Note that some contributions are in-kind. See organizational annexes for specific constraints and requirements of your funding organization(s). Projects are expected to start in 2020.

Opening of call for pre-registration (mandatory): Monday 29 October, 2018
Deadline for pre-registration (mandatory): Thursday 31 January 2019
Opening of call for invited full proposals: April 2019
Closing of call for invited full proposals: August 2019

Call Documents

Previous Calls

For a full list of Collaborative Research Actions, visit the CRAs page.

Application Site and Process

Application systems and processes may vary from call-to-call.  Many of our current and prior calls can be found at the Belmont Forum Grants Operations (BFGO) website.  Please carefully review the materials for each specific call when preparing a proposal.

  • Every proposal must include natural scientists, social scientists and stakeholders.
  • There must be collaborators from at least three different countries on each proposal.
  • Researchers from countries who are not funding agencies are not Belmont Forum members must submit their own monetary resources or in-kind funding.
  • Only one proposal is submitted per team.

This proposal process flow chart provides an overview of the call, selection and funding  procedures for application submissions.  To learn more about the Belmont Forum process, please see the CRA development process and award mIlestones flow charts.

If you are interested in learning more about the application process, please watch this short video below that highlights eligibility requirements as well as the proposal and award process for our collaborative research actions.

Sokha Hin
Sokha Hin is cofounder of OpenTeam. Engaged into creating a more sustainable economy. 10+ years track in innovation and digital startup environment. Discovered the so little-known reality of climate change at COP20, in Lima, Peru, Dec 2014. Engaged as a consequence into raising awarness of citizens worldwide and empowering citizens into concrete action through digital tools and spreading social entrepreneurship. The World can evolve only by providing a collective reponse, up to the stake of climate change.


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