Our ``Why``

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) are rising in the atmosphere at alarming rates. In order to limit the planet’s temperature increase to 2° by 2050, in the next 3 years humanity must not only reduce emissions but also drawdown a maximum of GHGs, according to climate scientists.

All around the world, thousands of individuals who have become aware of this challenge are launching projects to mitigate the local effects of global warming: desertification, increase of inequalities, unsustainable development of cities…

But only 10% survive after 5 years.

However a small number of social enterprises do succeed to :

✓ deliver outstanding climate impact

✓ sustain on the long run with a viable business model

How can we better leverage these successful climate solutions and accelerate their impact?

The challenges that we face

❑ How to identify these successful social entrepreneurs?

❑ How to enable access to knowledge?

❑ How to foster targeted interactions between social entrepreneurs who have reasons to collaborate?

❑ What legal framework can help to share knowledge, while valuing the experience acquired?

Our answer to accelerate impact

Document successful climate solutions and make them accessible

Facilitate the replication of these solutions by other social entrepreneurs

Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing between social entrepreneurs

What we do / Our programs

The ScaleSchool

Social Entrepreneurship program

We train social entrepreneurs

to replicate successful climate solutions

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The “O” Platform

Tech-for-good program

We interconnect communities worldwide

to foster knowledge exchange for sustainable development

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Our Partners

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The co-founders

Sokha Hin

President, "O" Platform Product Owner

Joanne Schanté

ScaleSchool executive director

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