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The O platform

Thank you for your interest in the Openteam platform with a Community License!

The « O » platform  is free for use by registered non-profit charitable organisations and organizations that cannot otherwise purchase the platform. It’s our way of giving back to the community (and to hopefully improve the collaboration potential within the civil society).

The License is designed for registered non-profit charitable organisations and charities which are non-government and that would not otherwise be able to afford the software.

We developped the platform for communies who need a digital tool to connect their ecosystem of projects (NGOs, social businesses) and project holders. If you comply with the previous description, we propose the platform free for use to communities worldwide in the civil society to support the collective effort of interconnecting our work.Each request is subject to a case-by-case validation, to garantee that we share common values and scope of action.

Added value for community managers/coordinators

  • Increased visibility on the projects and people you support
  • A fantastic tool for community managers, or communiy coordinators, to help them create links in between members, or to showcase your annual report
  • Collaborative space for your operationnal team to access key private documents, relative to you work.

Added value for your members

Thanks to this platform, the members of your community can :

  • Get to know each other’s work
  • Declare their needs and find support from other members
  • Declare their strenghts and eventual resources that they have to offer

The platform acts as a matchmaking platform that facilitates the linkage of people who have opportunities to collaborate.

Breaking the silos in between communities

There are thousands of communities everywhere working in the field of sustainable development, social innovation, socila business, call it the way you like… People who care about creating a more balanced and sustainble future. But we beleive that we need to link this communities in between themselves. Not only their own members. This is why we enable the discovery of other communities who work in the same field as yours, whether they work nearby or thousands of kilometers away.

Documenting knowledge for better transmission of expertise

We beleive in the need to better document existing successful experimentations and knowledge acquired. The platform aims at providing space and tools for your members to declare