The objective

The project consists in an innovative training program to empower entrepreneurs to launch their social enterprise, by replicating 1 qualified climate-related social enterprise which (1) has proven to effectively drawdown GHGs and (2) is bankable.

Thanks to the Scale School, entrepreneurs who have implemented a workable, mature  solutions can pass on their know-how at large scale to emerging entrepreneurs who can be more efficient in replicating a proven solution.

The Accelerator and the team are based in Paris. We primarily support projects in developing countries.

The first project replicated

The first project supported is called Spiral Farm House, located in Nepal and founded 5 years ago by Sudarshan Chaudhary.

This young entrepreneur came back to his parents’ farm after his master’s degree in Kathmandu. His vision led him to turn the traditional farm into an organic farm, with the principles of biodynamics, to regenerate agricultural land damaged by fertilizers, bring food security to his village and train many young people and women on his techniques.

Through our support, the project aims to be accelerated to create a large network of hundreds of micro organic farms, organized into a cooperative, which will distribute its production to Kathmandu and other cities in the country.

The approach

The program is open source. It is designed to be scalable and self-financed in the long run. We plan to replicate it in the following years for other outstanding franchisor social enterprises.


Inventory of mature, bankable climate solutions validated by renowned partners

Robust tools

Robust and innovative tools, including a digital platform for MOOC* training and knowledge sharing

Holistic and multistakeholder

Holistic approach mobilizing expert partners on the whole value chain

How to get involved / Join a workgroup

Many questions arise throughout the development of the project. We strongly beleive in the power of open innovation and collective innovation. As a result, we created open workgroups on specific themes, to which anybody can contribute with his time and expertise.

Join a workgroup

Support the ScaleSchool

We are looking for partners and sponsors who wish to contribute to climate solution scaling and capacity building on the theme of the project accelerated.

The projects we met from the beginning of our adventure led us to develop a particular focus on the following themes: reforestation, agroforestry, responsible consumption, food security, education, gender equality, renewable energies, respect for indigenous cultures… which are all interconnected topics.

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