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The citizen engagement program aims at promoting in each country the emergence or the strengheting of a local culture for innovation through social entrepreneurship. The goal is to map and foster the gathering of local citizens, eventual incubators, universites, NGOs, SME providing community services and in a broader scale the local civil society, through standardized and documented event formats. Those formats are thought as a guidelin for the implementation of events with certain guidelines in terms of objectives, messages, communication support templates, and are built to help local citizens and entrepreneurs organize in full autonomy gathering events on different purpose and on different timeframe, but with the ultimate objective to federate the local tissue of actors who may have a role to play in the development of social enterprises targeting local impact.


The following stakeholders are invited to participate but not organize this events :

  • Governement
  • Local authorities
  • Ambassies,
  • Donors,
  • Major corporations



A framework to coordinate the efforts of local civil societies

The goal is to increase the space for the civil society in the relationship with governments and local institutions. OpenTeam provides a framework to increase the structuration of the civil society, and helping local NGOs, networks and citizens define the relationship that exists in between all of them. The collaborative tools developed by Openteam (and freely available to them) enable the description of the actions and needs of each stakeholder, so as to enable a clear vision on who’s doing what, who needs what, and how can we improve the access to needs based on available resources. By providing such a linkage of the civil society, the digital tools provide a unique framework for local authorities, governments and companies to identify how to better engage with the civil society.

For financiers, this is also a framework for improving the identification of key initiatives that meet the financial criterias of financiers, among which

  • International aid
  • Foundations,
  • Call for projects organized by companies looking social innovations
  • national or multilateral banks looking for placements
  • private funds


Still, many projects lack the resource and knowledge to actually know how to formerly present their work to become financable, whether they target grants or even harder, investments. The gathering aims at providing a central space where to focus the attention of the local expert network, out of the expert program program. This is the chance, for local citizens or entrepreneurs, to build or strenghten their capacities towards a better bancability.


4 event formats

  • Social Meetup : local entrepreneurs organizing afterwork style events to exchange about the spark of a local social entreprise ecosystem (non openteam branded)
  • SeedEvent : 3 day event format aiming at designing the bridges between existing local ngos and networks, using collective intelligence methodologies to tackle each of the projects problems. This is based on bar camps.
  • Global Meetup : 4 weeks gathering of mature social innovations to create a collective response to a number of local challenges, with a predefined massive budget put available by financiers at the end for immediate implementation.
  • Citizen COP : local events organized in volontary towns in the world, in parallel of the Conference of the Parties, organised each year by the United Nations, to organize a nation level response to climate change. The Citizen COP aims at providing the same kind of response on a distributed entrepreneurship-level.


Get in touch

We welcome ideas from everyone. Please get in touch below if you have any comments. We also value partnership proposals. We are particularly interested in getting in touch with or partnering with :

  • Incubators
  • Universities
  • Ambassies
  • Cities
  • Networks
  • NGOs

If you want to know more, bring your ideas or partnership proposals about this program, please email at