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The Big 5 challenge is an international open innovation challenge happening once a year.

The challenge will aims at doing 2 things :

1/ enable vulnerable populations in far away villages to express their most vital needs through available local communication means (landline call, 2G mobile through text messaging, physical gatherings in first reachable towns to enable voting campaigns organized by local communities) on a worldwide scale. Through the media network program and our digital web and mobile tools, the goal is to identify 5 types of recurrent problems that population face on a daily basis. Depending on their local environment, we expect to have a very vast diversity of needs without systematicly meeting the 5 top problems in each villages. But the goal is also to have a better map and understanding of what villages need the most, so that close-by emerging social enterprises can better target their impact, by replicating existing social innovations for which technology transfer has been documented.


2/ creating worldwide teams of social innovators (NGOs, social businesses or enterprises, startups, universities) that bring their knowledge and expertise to develop declinable answers to local needs based on  global innovations. Example : list of low tech filters to make non-potable water drinkable. This is not so much about innovating than getting existing solutions to become massively accessible to the mass of populations that could use a technology for better living conditions. Those solutions are thought to be easily built in the spirit of upcycling. Solutions need to be understood by locals and easy transmittable to nearby villagers to impulse a mechanism of knowledge transmission after successful implementation in a village. Each one of the 5 projects needs to propose a declination of implementing solutions according to a diversity of environments : water issues will be different in south asia in the mountains than they will be in Amazonia.


1 million citizens raising 1 million €

The goal of the challenge is to engage the greatest number of worldwide citizens in the challenge so as to raise their consciousness about issues and solutions to increase the lives of millions of vulnerable populations worldwide. Our digital tools, especially mobile solutions, enable very easy 1€ donation per citizen . it is impossible to give more. The goal is to demonstrate the power of micro finance focused on a single and large scale campaign : if 1 million world citizens can easily give 1€ to the campaign, we can generate a 1 million € budget, that will be splitted in 5 times 200k€ budget to develop each one of the 5 collaborative projects.

This 5 collaborative projects will takle the 5 topmost recurrents problems expressed by worldwide villagers.

OpenTeam has developed a technology and financial mechanism enabling a very easy 1€ donation worldwide. A first small scale demonstration will be launched with two partner countries during the summer 2016.


Tracking impact and sustainability beyond implementation

Beyond implementation, OpenTeam wants to ensure that local populations have actually been key actors in the implementation of innovations, that they understand the technology and that they are actually capable of transmitting the knowledge and implementation to nearby villages.


Get in touch

We welcome ideas from everyone. Please get in touch below if you have any comments. We also value partnership proposals. We are particularly interested in partnerships with :

  • Digital marketing
  • Emarketing

If you want to know more, bring your ideas or partnership proposals about this program, please email at