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The expert network is built in order to build or strenghten the capacities of civil societies and social enterprises on a worldwide scale. The expert network is made of a number of « digital groups » that gather experts in different fields of expertise to support NGOs or emerging social enterprises in their structuration and bancability.

The expert network aims at providing physical and remote support to the project, with a priority given on local and physical support.

There are two levels of accreditation  :

  1. accredited
  2. support

Accredited experts go through an application process at OpenTeam to join the group. They must explain their motivation, background, legitimicy and values. Those experts engage their time as an investment in projects that they choose to help, as requets are formulated by organizations. Those experts will be financed on overhead expenses off raised funds, to finance the project. A flat overhead of 7% is budgeted in addition to raised funds so as to provide a clean analytic grid to private and public funds. The overhead of each round of investiment is mutualized for global accredited experts financing, with a 20% enveloppe dedicated to financing support experts. A transparent grid of financial compensation per expertise will be published, with no quotation. All financial transactions will be publicly accessible and visible on each expert’s account.

Support experts are voluntary citizens that choose to join the group to help organizations grow. The support is much bigger in number but less qualitative in terms of expertise recognition in the eyes of investors. The support may still bring very valuable help to organizations and demonstrated support will be eligible to a global gratification, not compensation.

After initialization of the expert network (ignited with an application process), the process to become accredited will have to go through a first successful experience in the support network. The philosophy of the expert network is to provide an independant, robust, scalable and transparent channel of human resources for capacity building with the space both for good will support and high quality expertise.

Each organization request is initially handled by a project planner (one type of expert network group), whose goal is to coach the organization on a global level. The project planner brings a very clear and professional vision on the way to plan the development and finance of a social enterprise, with a clear vision on the way to generate impactful business models, organize the development of the organization. The project planner is a supporter of the organization. Not a team member.


Mandatory expertises within a technical assessment reponse :

  • Project planning
  • Impact assessment
  • Financial audit

Available expertises

  • Strategy (strategic objectives, strategy review and development of sustainable business models for social enterprises, values, model of change and commitment to change, stakeholder involvement)
  • Business planning (business model assessment, business plan review and refining, market analysis, options analysis, implementation of the plan, measuring progress, evaluation and improvement)
  • Social impact (social value and impact measurement, methods and capability development to articulate, measure, assure and report on social impact)
  • Finance (Financial modelling, cash flow and financial forecasts, accountancy, finances, tax planning)
  • Sales & contracting (marketing strategy and customer base development, unique selling point, branding, public sector procurement processes, payment by results)
  • Governance & performance (legal structures, governance models, risk assessment, quality management, social franchising)
  • Investment (capital structure, fundraising strategies and practices, identifying and engaging with potential investors, investor panels and showcasing events)
  • Technical expertises : this is one of the top assets of the experts network. Each innovator with an active project and proven know-how is welcomed within this net


Growing social enterprise compliant incubators

In the context of this program, OpenTeam aims at developing the interconnection of existing incubators, who have the will to engage into social entrepreneurship. In the places where no incubators exist, OpenTeam will promote the emergence of new local incubators, (not branded OpenTeam) to reinforce the capacities of cities to support social enterprises. This area of work will consist in real estate investment support to local project planners who would be interested in growing a such a local culture. But those local incubators will not be part of a branded or affiliated network. We value the emergence of independant incubators free of branding so as to enable them to better develop a local community spirit, with the specificities of their environment (which, we beleive, cannot be carried by a brand).


Worldwide Hotline  through phone, tchat, whatsapp and email

The program will integrate the setup of a decentralized hotline phone system, where locals can reaach out to have a local single window to get in touch, get information or initiate a support requet. The goal is to develop one phone number per country so as to provide a close connexion with the locals.

The service targets existing or potential social entrepreneurs, including business as usual entrepreneurs thinking of switching their mindset, and provide guidance in the local ecosystem of social entrepreneurship community (existing of growing through the citizen engagement program). The main single window services are to provide :

  • An ear
  • Basic support in project structuration in OpenTeam digital tools
  • Support in using OpenTeam digital tools
  • Documentation of social entrepreneurs needs that they might express, particularly important for local or global policy makers
  • If a project support request is formulated, support in formalizing the request on the phone or on the web platform

The service is not affiliated to OpenTeam but affiliated to the local structuration of communities, that organize themselves accordingly to their culture, traditions and eventual existing social innovation networks. OpenTeam is only an enabler through digital tools that are provided freely to local communities, for their own empowerement. OpenTeam provides guidance, only if requested by local communities and networks, for the organization or identification of volunteers and coordination in between communities.

OpenTeam is extremely cautious not to represent a new meta network, that would frightened existing ecosystems with a potential risk to transform into a new for profit big brother worldwide corporation, that we don’t want to be.

Cost generated by the service operation (telecommunication costs) are handled by OpenTeam as investment in impact. There is no manpower costs as operators are not OpenTeam staff but volunteer members of local communities already engaged in NGOs, incubators or universities, as part of the citizen engagement program.

For more information on empowerment of local communities towards social enterprise, see the citizen engagement program.


Interface with other  programs

This program is heavily bound to the Investment Business Unit and the Inclusive Project Development Business Unit of OpenTeam :

  • Investment Business Unit : this entity is managed by former impact investors that build and deliver investment services to private and public investors
  • Inclusive Project Development Business Unit : this entity is in charge of supporting the implementation of massively replicable and collaborative projects, that are built by a coalition of high impact organizations that join their forces for better impact delivery at large scale. Those coalition come to life as an outcome of OpenTeam’s Global Meetups, international gatherings of fantastic social entrepreneurs with proven social innovations. The IPD Business Unit organizes this 4 weeks events, and brings methodology, planning, experts support and full finances from financial partners for the implementation of the replication.


Get in touch

We welcome ideas from everyone. Please get in touch below if you have any comments. We also value partnership proposals. We are particularly interested in partnerships with :

  • International universities,
  • MBA business schools,
  • Incubators,
  • individuals with expertise in international development (not companies)
  • Managers within international organizations with expertise in managing loans or grants within international organizations

If you want to know more, bring your ideas or partnership proposals about this program, please email at

For specific requests, information, suggestions or partnership proposals, please write to :