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The Media Network is a built in response to the urgent need for local populations to express their voices about local problems and needs, worldwide. We beleive that citizens have the right and legitimacy to express what they beleive is priority in terms of local development. We want to create a communication channel enabling citizens worldwide to document what’s actually happening locally, through access to communication devices and networks.

In order to document and publish the bottom up aggregation of local needs, OpenTeam plans on fostering the birth of independant media channels in each country world wide , that will provide. This media network will not be linked to OpenTeam itself, so as not to influence nor confuse the inter relations between OpenTeam and this network. The goal is that each local media channel work in coordination with the other countries thanks to a digital and decentralized news platform, that will provide information about local needs, local news and available local capacities to take action and takle local needs through the birth of social enterprises. This local independant journanlists will be mandated to create positive news through the actions of the growing federation of citizen actions and rise of social enterprises.

The journalists will also be in very close interaction with multi lateral organizations such as the United Nations, governemnts as well as internatioanl donors, so as to increase the space of civil society to improve the link between on the ground actions, policy makers and international development financiers.

For example :

  • UNCTAD is writing STIP Reviews (example on Vietnam) that « aim to contribute to the development of national capacities in the field in order that national science, technology and innovation plans and programmes better contribute to development strategies and to improve the competitiveness of the productive sectors.« 
  • At the UNFCCC, The Technology Executive Committee defines policies in the technology work area. Decided at COP16, the CTC-N (Climate Technology Center and Network) is the implementing agency that aims at providing technical assessment to developing countries in response to technical assistance requests formulated by developing countries. Those requests come from local needs (ie. cities, ngos, governements, ..) transmited to the UN for analysis, assessment and eventually implementation.
  • UNEP is leading the Technology Facilitation Mechanism, as a collalition of many UN agencies, focused on technology transfer to developing countries. The have launched a digital platform focusing on peer to peer collaboration.
  • UNDP is working on south south cooperation, in the field of technology transfer, on strategies for scaling innovations, through resilient project development approaches, and taking into account the diversity of local stakeholders and the need to adapt action to local context.
  • The European Commission has launched the Social Innovation Communities program as a means to link european communities.
  • US AID Global Development Lab is promoting lean and inclusive approaches in project development requiring a better knowledge of what’s happening and who’s actually living in places to be developed. These approaches are inspired from test and learn, agile approches found in digital startup development (though they lack the same finality).
  • Etc…


For governments and multilateral organizations, journalists will be the focal point of a global and independant movement targeting the capacity building of the worldwide civil societies.


Interface with other programs and business units

Please refer to :

  • the expert network program, regarding the capacities building, to
  • the IT business unit, for the digital tools, and
  • the Citizen Engagement Program, for the birth or growth of social enterprises ecosystem in each country.


Get in touch

We welcome ideas from everyone. Please get in touch below if you have any comments. We also value partnership proposals. We are particularly interested in partnerships with :

  • Existing independant journalists,
  • Existing medias
  • Film makers,
  • Foundations supporting independant media,
  • Celebrities or individuals in contact with celebrities,
  • International policy analysts,
  • Staff within cityhalls,
  • Government staff,
  • Worldwide ambassies
  • Individuals with expertise in international development,
  • Managers within international organizations with expertise in managing loans or grants within international organizations

If you want to know more, bring your ideas or partnership proposals about this program, please email at