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This program aims at raising the awareness of citizens of climate change and the urgency to deeply transform the way our world is spinning by shining light on concrete, massively scalable innovations and approaches that change the way that policy making, business as usual, charity and international development are running.  Citizens, for their parts, are not waiting for businesses to change, they act everywhere.


  • Policy making : we beleive that we need to reinvent the way that policies are defined. The recent example of the Brexit has shown the World how citizens that don’t understand policies can blow away historical unions between nations. We fight for a more collaborative implication and expression of citizens so that they can better express what they really need and that national or international development policies can be co-designed in response both to citizens, local authorities and governments priorities. Our vision is that social enterprises have the capacity, today, to be part of the response to local needs, and that the rise of mature, bancable social innovations will become the standard, in the near future, for local development, in response to local needs. The practical sharing of knowledge, opensource technology, using modern digital tools (web and mobile) will help local entrepreneurs to acquire the required capacities to implement local action, in support of worldwide experts that can support them in doing so.


  • Business as usual : Let’s get realistic. Truly changing the minds of businessmen as usual is hard. But moving the lines is possible : as climate change becomes a more and more important issue in international finance, more and more companies change their investments strategies. But we beleive that there is still a long run towards a true consciousness of capitalistic top business leaders to engage in true social enterprise business model, with profoundly true participatory governance of the company  and a very different relationship to self-enrichment through profit sharing. Our conviction is that the future lies in the emergence of young social business leaders with profound human values that will challenge more and more, as time goes by,  business as usual, in the same way that opensource has challenged giants of the digital industry throughout the beginning of the 21st century. We want to shine light on inspiring initiatives that demonstrates the potential of social innovations to scale, impact massively local populations, and as a consequence, influence policy making and political leaders.


  • Charity and NGOs : Most of organizations today are depending on grants and subsidies to carry out their actions and impact, though they might have a tremendous knowledge and impact on the ground. Throughout the 20st century, where social businesses and social enterprises barely existed, this model for impact was common ground. But today, public finances are melting away and NGOs need a breath of fresh air to keep on impacting. We are fostering a culture of social innovation and a distributed, worldwide support network of experts that will help willing NGOs to switch toward a social enterprises approach, without costing a penny to NGOs. We want to shine light on former NGOs that have demonstrated their capacity to become financially autonomous by swtiching of mindset. We don’t mean to have subsidies diseapear, but we beleive that new models take both into account the bancability of the project towards socially responsible investments, plus subsidies business models.


  • Citizens : Many local empowered communities are joining their forces to change their local environment. We want to show that alternatives to our system exist, and that people have Of course, it’s not only about business, but also about citizen empowerment : each of us have a potential talent, capacities and more generally resources that can be of use to nearby (or far way) projects; we want to shine light on citizen empowered initiatives, and to do that, we want to better value the work carried out by fantastic filmmakers and local communities that produce rich content and methodologies for engaging local populations into concrete actions for change :
    • Provide non branded tools to connect communities on an international scale, to promote agents of change, not us
    • Increase the reach of unaccustomed populations to citizen engagement, especially through communication of big corporations to their teams
    • Increase the debate on citizen engagement actions on the public space thanks to celebrities participation
    • Create a youtube dedicated to documentaries and engaged filmmakers
    • Finance filmmakers that have a mass information project to launch, with a focus on copyright ownership to garentee freedom of distribution
    • Media groups penetration to increase the mediatisation of local development through social enterprises and citizen empowerment initiatives, as part of the political and economic scene, not as « side activity »


Get in touch

We welcome ideas from everyone. Please get in touch below if you have any comments. We also value partnership proposals. We are particularly interested in partnerships with :

  • Film makers,
  • Media groups interested in promoting social innovations
  • Foundations supporting filmmakers engaged against climate change,
  • Celebrities or individuals in contact with celebrities

If you want to know more, bring your ideas or partnership proposals about this program, please email at