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Since 2009 Alana Lea has been delivering inspirational talks at events including the Shift Network’s California Vision 2020, Rotary International, the University of Washington, private school assemblies in the U.S. and Brazil, COP22 in Morocco and COP24 in Poland. In May 2019, she will offer her first TEDx talk in Paris.

California 2020 panel – Sacramento, CA in 2018

COP24 4p1000 presentation – Katowice, Poland in 2018

As a founding member of the Women Speakers Association, she is also represented by  eSpeakers  as an expert on these themes:

  • Entrepreneurism
  • Inspiration
  • Philanthropy
  • Green / Environment
  • Sustainability: Environment
  • Vision / Purpose

With experience in:

    • Arts / Music
    • Nonprofit

Please check on her availability in your area…

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