I Give Trees

Give the gift of a food forest in Brazil’s Mata Atlântica. We’ll be planting 300 native species trees in each plot, with an emphasis on tropical staple tree crops. These will include Coconut, Jackfruit, Avocado, Mango, Papaya, Pitanga, Aurocaria, Fruita de Conde, Jaibuticaba, Banana, Passionflower, Pineapple and many others!

This includes the cost of 2 years of maintenance after plantings.

Make a contribution of $25 or more toward a forest and you’ll receive a selection of gift certificates you can download and print to pass along as your gift to the future.



ECOfloresta is the US non-profit funding partner of the iGiveTrees project in Brazil.

Our mission is to create educational events to support the planting and maintenance of tropical trees, and the organic enrichment of their soil, to drawdown CO2.

Our goal is to train new environmental entrepreneurs in methods that will restore their rainforests, while feeding their communities.

Our core values are commitments to positive, ethical, organic and regenerative practices to preserve and restore the integrity of native species plants, trees, soils and pollinators in Brazil.

ECOfloresta / Organic Rainforests (EFOR) is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI). ISI is a California Nonprofit 501(c) (3) Corporation Founded in 1978

US tax deductible contributions in support of the iGiveTrees project can be made in any amount via our fiscal sponsor, Inquiring Systems Inc.

Your donations enable our impact to grow.

You can make checks payable to ISI with “ISI/EFOR” included in the memo, mailed to:
Inquiring Systems Inc.,
101 Brookwood Ave., Suite 204,
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

ECOfloresta is also proud to be listed with 1% for the Planet.