Alana Lea  is a voice for the rainforest. Born in Brazil’s Mata Atlântica, Alana moved to the United States within a year. She has since lived in six countries, while developing a reputation as a leader in Brazil.

In 2009 she founded Rainforest ECO Enterprises to apply her skill as an environmental artist to rainforest renewal, beginning with rainforest prints on organic fabrics.

Alana’s   iGiveTrees  crowdfunding campaigns were then launched to gather gifts from the global public, allowing her to buy trees from small rural associations in Brazil, and give them back to the people who live in the degraded rainforest.

Alana’s botanical art has been published in books and exhibited at the Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences , the Smithsonian Institution and the US  Museum of Natural History .


Alana is the author of the multimedia book Trees of Transformation.


Alana is the Founding Director of  ECOfloresta.

In 2012 her reforestation project was embraced by the  EarthWays Foundation  for fiscal sponsorship. In 2017 the project moved to  ISI  for US nonprofit fiscal sponsorship.



ECOfloresta is the US non-profit funding partner of the iGiveTrees project in Brazil.



Lynne Twist ~ Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance

“Alana Lea is an extraordinary activist who works and writes from a deep spiritual and trustworthy taproot.”

Paul Hawken ~ Co-Founder of Project Drawdown

“Having seen the growth of an idea to renew an endangered Brazilian rainforest, persist through every imaginable form of drought, I feel the strength of spirit present to succeed with the next phase.”