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Our values are our framework and our guideline to work with. From our values derive a key positioning. Our values are our beliefs, and as a consequence, drive the way that we act:

Values OpenTeam

Action oriented: We believe ideas need to be responsibly implemented in a timely manner, in a bottom-up approach, which is key to empowering each of us through action

Unity in diversity: Celebrating and building on the variety of backgrounds, beliefs and ways of being among the individuals that compose the project’s ecosystem

Integrity: Do what you say, say what you do, embody the values you have, be consistent in word and action

Transparency: Able to show what we do, how we do it, and with who; independent in our actions and neutral politically

Optimism: Positive change is possible, we believe that we can make a difference

Mutual Respect: Everybody is as valuable as the other, beyond differences, roles, origin; we recognize the inherent value of each person

Holistic Approach: We encompass the entirety of our action, whether socially, environmentally or economically