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The history

OpenTeam was launched in January 2015, following COP20. Everything started in Lima, Peru, where our co-founder Sokha was invited by the French ministry of environment to present our work on optimizing civil society inter-collaboration, on the side events of COP20. It was the first time that he got the opportunity to discover what climate change was really about. So many fantastic entrepreneurs were there to present their solutions for the climate challenge, and so many scientists and negotiators were frustrated to see the negotiations stall.

Why are citizens so barely informed that the house is burning ? How come that there are still no tools to interconnect social entrepreneurs on a worldwide scale ?

We came back from Lima with the firm intention to create an enabling framework for better collaboration between all stakeholders engaged toward a more sustainable world. And this is not limited only to environmental gurus.


A new economic model

Indeed, we believe that the world needs to reinvent a new form of sustainable economy that the social enterprise model is proposing : the alliance of high level of social commitment along with a startup mindset are key factors to the emergence of a more balanced and sustainable economy.

Still, social enterprises often inherit of a culture of grants. In a world were public finance is decreasing drasticaly, we beleive that it is urgent to create a culture of social innovation based on impact investments instruments adapted to social entreprises. We are developing a framework that enables both social innovations to strenghten their capacities, targeting in order to present mature project plans to private impact funds and public financiers.


Bringing solutions to the Billions

We believe that innovation is a great driver for change but too often perceived as the final aim. We need to focus on outcome in order to reach impact. As a consequence, we focus on capitalizing on fantastic existing solutions, rather than reinventing the wheel. We promote opendata and opensource approches in order to facilitate technology transfer, and thus the replication of solutions that can be scaled to the Billions. Taking into account the need for local adaptation.

This framework is organized by the civil society for the civil society, thus creating an major space for worldwide civil societies to interact, and communicate with worldwide global or local policy makers and financiers.


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